About Us

Who we are

The Justice and Community Safety Directorate seeks to maintain a fair, safe and peaceful community in the ACT where people’s rights and interests are respected and protected.  This is achieved through maintaining the rule of law, promoting the protection of human rights in the Territory and providing effective offender management and opportunities for rehabilitation.  The Directorate is further committed to protecting and preserving life, property and the environment and providing an effective and cohesive emergency response service.

Organisational Chart

JACS Organisation Chart

Our Mission

The mission of the Justice and Community Safety (JACS) Directorate is to maintain a fair, safe and peaceful community in the ACT where people's rights and interests are respected and protected.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on being a Directorate whose attitudes and actions are consistent with the ACT

Public Service (ACTPS) values and behaviours. These values and behaviours formed part of the JACS Strategic Plan 2017-19 and will be embraced in the JACS Strategic Plan 2020-2024 which was under development at the end of the reporting period.


  • We take pride in our work.
  • We value the contribution of others.
  • We relate to colleagues and clients in a fair, decent and professional manner.


  • We do what we say we’ll do, and respond appropriately when the unexpected occurs.
  • We take responsibility and are accountable for our decisions and actions.
  • We engage genuinely with the community, managing the resources entrusted to us honestly and responsibly.


  • We work openly and share information to reach shared goals.
  • We take on board other views when solving problems and welcome feedback on how we can do things better.


  • We look for ways to continuously improve our services and skills.
  • We are open to change and new ideas from all sources.


Our Structure

The Directorate brings together government activities concerned with justice administration, protection of rights and law reform, law enforcement, business regulation and emergency services.

The Directorate is responsible to the ACT Attorney-General and Minister for Police and Emergency Services, and the Minister for Justice.

The Directorate's Director-General is Mr Richard Glenn.

The Directorate's executive team consists of:

  • the Director-General
  • the Deputy Director-General, Community Safety
  • the Deputy Director-General, Justice
  • the Chief Finance Officer
  • the Executive Director, People and Workplace Strategy
  • the Executive Director, Governance, and
  • the Executive Director, Capital Works.

The Deputy Directors-General have broad oversight responsibilities for the operational and service delivery areas of the Directorate in the following general groupings:

Deputy Director-General (Community Safety)

Deputy Director-General (Justice)

We currently employ approximately 1200 staff and oversee approximately 700 volunteers.

Staff are employed under the ACT Public Sector Management Act 1994 and enjoy agreed working entitlements under a range of Collective Agreements.

They also live in, or in the regional area of one of Australia's most beautiful cities.

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Strategic Plan

The JACS Strategic Plan 2020-2024 defines the strategic direction of the Directorate for a period of 3 years.

The high-level strategic plan is supported by a series of business unit strategic plans, which seeks to demonstrate the linkages across the portfolio in meeting our strategic objectives.

Underpinning our strategy is the need to provide leadership, support and development for the people of Justice and Community Safety as we strive to improve the services we provide to our Ministers, citizens and each other.   

The Strategic Plan sets out how the Directorate will work collectively to achieve this.

The Directorate is currently developing the next JACS Strategic Plan for the Directorate with a view of it being launched later this year.

Government coordination planning

The Security and Emergency Management Branch (SEMB) supports and coordinates a number of government committees and working groups.

Security and Emergency Management Committee of Cabinet (SEMC), which oversees whole-of-government strategic direction to the ACT Government’s preparations for emergencies under an all-hazards planning framework.

Security and Emergency Management Senior Officials Group (SEMSOG), which supports SEMC by providing strategic policy advice on protective security, counter terrorism and emergency management.

Security and Emergency Management Planning Group (SEMPG), which develops, implements and reviews specific security and emergency management matters including plans and sub-plans, reporting to SEMSOG.

ACT Security in Government Committee (ACTSIGC), which is responsible for developing, implementing and reviewing protective security policy and procedures for the ACT Government.

Closed Circuit Television Working Group (CCTVWG), which facilitates and monitors the progress of the government’s review of CCTV capability in the ACT.