B.1 Organisational Overview


JACS’ vision is for a safe, just and resilient community.

Our Purpose

The Justice and Community Safety Directorate (JACS) seeks to achieve our vision by working with the people and government of the ACT to strengthen community safety, protect people’s rights and interests, care for and support vulnerable people, enhance access to justice, and build community resilience to emergencies.


We pride ourselves on being a Directorate whose attitudes and actions are consistent with the ACT Public Service (ACTPS) values and behaviours. These values and behaviours have been embraced in the JACS Strategic Plan 2020-24 which was launched during the reporting period.


  • We take pride in our work
  • We value the contribution of others
  • We relate to colleagues and clients in a fair, decent and professional manner
  • Integrity

  • We do what we say we’ll do and respond appropriately when the unexpected occurs
  • We take responsibility and are accountable for our decisions and actions
  • We engage genuinely with the community, managing the resources entrusted to us honestly and responsibly
  • Collaboration

  • We work openly and share information to reach shared goals
  • We take on board other views when solving problems and welcome feedback on how we can do things better
  • Innovation

  • We look for ways to continuously improve our services and skills
  • We are open to change and new ideas from all sources

Our Functions and Services

Our performance is measured against the following strategic objectives, which is reported through the governments output classes:

  • Support an accessible justice system
  • Community Safety
  • Community safety – emergency services
  • Promote and protect rights and interests.

The output definitions are covered as part of B.2 – Performance Analysis.

Our Clients and Stakeholders

We are committed to developing and maintaining strong engagement and sustainable relationships with our clients and stakeholders to deliver effective services for the ACT Community. Our clients and stakeholders include:

  • the ACT Chief Minister and Ministers
  • the ACT Legislative Assembly
  • Australian Government, State and Territory government agencies and councils
  • the judiciary and the ACT legal profession
  • Statutory Office holders and bodies
  • community service providers
  • volunteers, jurors, victims of crime, offenders, witnesses, statutory and non-statutory committees, suppliers, contractors and media.

JACS Organisational Chart

JACS Org Chart