During the reporting period the Directorate engaged external auditors to provide assurance that the Directorate is appropriately controlling the risks associated with occupational violence and remote or isolated work.

Business units and agencies deliver a range of activities concerned with justice administration, protection
of rights and law reform, law enforcement, business regulation and emergency services.

The nature of the activities performed exposes the Directorate’s workers to heightened risks of occupational violence and remote isolated work due to factors including:

  • communicating face to face with members of the public
  • providing care to people who are in distress, afraid, or ill
  • working offsite in the community
  • service methods that cause frustration, resentment, or misunderstanding
  • working alone in isolation or in a remote area with the inability to call for assistance, and
  • enforcement activities.

Business units who participated in the audit were:

  • ACT Corrective Services – Community Corrections
  • ACT Courts and Tribunal – Sheriff’s Office
  • ACT Government Solicitor
  • ACT Emergency Services Agency – ACT Ambulance Service
  • ACT Human Rights Commission
  • Legislation, Policy and Programs – Restorative Justice Unit
  • Public Trustee and Guardian.