The directorate through the Incident Management Team (IMT) supported a broad response to the public health emergency, which included:

  • Establishing a whole of directorate response to supporting staff in the workplace, by establishing a COVID Safe Transition Plans, which was managed based on health advice over the duration of the emergency
  • The transition plans were supported by an assurance program that required independent compliance reviews of business unit COVID safe practices every second month, followed up by self-assessments on the alternate month
  • The IMT regularly reported on the status of the directorate’s response to the public health emergency to the Strategic Management Committee on a monthly basis.
  • Other support and advice included:
    • Developing resources to support managers and employees in a range of ways during the public health emergency, including a working from home policy, including a checklist to enable employees to set up a safe workplace while working remotely
    • Undertaking risk assessments for working from home, ensuring employee safety at home, and returning to the office to ensure that all hazards were identified, and risks mitigated
    • Continuing to implement measures to support the physical and mental health of employees during a dynamic and rapidly changing period
    • Providing feedback and comment on associated Whole of Government WHS policies, procedures, guidelines, and risk assessments