The Directorate undertook several WHS activities to contribute to injury prevention and positive return to work outcomes during the reporting period.

These included:

  • Continuing the review and development of the Directorate’s health and safety management system content incorporates consultation with employees, volunteers, health and safety representatives and senior management
  • Providing advice to Senior Executives regarding injury prevention and injury management performance and compliance
  • Conducting hazard inspections
  • Conducting ongoing risks assessments of COVID-19 throughout the Directorate
  • Providing ongoing ergonomic and reasonable adjustment assessments for Directorate employees
  • Informing Safety, Health and Wellbeing committees on changes and updates to WHS legislation
  • Providing a confidential counselling service through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to support and promote psychosocial health and wellbeing
  • Reviewing statistical accident and incident data to identify risk profile trends of the Directorate to assist in the identification of specific injury prevention programs
  • Assisting with internal investigations for WHS accidents, incidents or near misses
  • Reviewing all RiskMan accident/incidents to identify areas for improvement
  • Providing Workers’ compensation performance reports to senior management and Tier 2 and Tier 2 committees on a quarterly basis, and
  • Providing ongoing support from the People and Workplace Strategy team including the Workplace Coach role who provide guidance and support to managers and staff to assist with positive engagement and having difficult conversations where necessary.

During the reporting period, the JACS Safety Health and Wellbeing Team has been assisting business units to better understand their risk profile by analysing accident/incident and near-miss data to understand the critical hazards workers are exposed to and the causation of risks.