B.11 Human Resources Management


The following initiatives have been progressed and/or implemented in the reporting period:

  • Finalisation of the ACT Fire and Rescue agency specific Enterprise Agreement was approved by
    the Fair Work Commission (FWC).  Preparation for replacement existing agency specific Enterprise Agreements with a notional expiry date of 31 October 2021 also commenced.
  • Engagement on the new Whole of Government Human Resource Information Management System (HRIMS).  This included the engagement of a dedicated resource to attend feedback sessions on all the modules, People and Workplace Strategy providing input to the development
    of different modules of the HRIMS, in addition to staff across the directorate attending User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and feedback sessions.
  • Engagement of a dedicated resource to assist with the integration of Kronos to the new HRIMS.
  • Provided ongoing coaching to support managers in managing complex staff matters.
  • Continuation of early intervention support across the Directorate for compensable and non-compensable matters with a view to supporting staff back to work as soon as possible following illness or injury.

In 2021, People and Workplace Strategy (PWS) reviewed and amended their structure to include two Director Business Partnership and Employee Relations roles. These roles are responsible for building and maintaining effective relationships between PWS and Business Units across the directorate in addition to providing employee relations advice on complex staffing matters. The wider PWS Unit continues to work on and provide sound advice on Employee Relations, Work Health and Safety, Early Intervention and Wellbeing, Learning and Development and Workforce Inclusion matters.