During the reporting year, a number of our business units were relocated to new offices, including:

  • Approximately 180 staff from various administrative Business Units across the Directorate to the newly built ACT Government Building at 220 London Circuit, moving to an Activity Based Work IABW) environment
  • ACT Human Rights Commission to temporary accommodation at Customs House, 5 Constitution Avenue in October 2020, and
  • ACT Government Solicitor, Parliamentary Counsel’s Office and Restorative Justice Unit to temporary accommodation at Customs House, 5 Constitution Avenue in April 2021.

Prior to the move to 220 London Circuit:

  • JACS READY Champions communicated key information to staff through forums, an information hub on the intranet and virtual town hall meetings
  • In collaboration with the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate (CMTEDD), Education Directorate (EDU) and Community Services Directorate (CSD), the Directorate rolled out:
    • the Reasonable Adjustment eLearning package and worked with staff to identify and make reasonable adjustments which specifically related to the ABW, and
    • a pilot training program for 50 ACT Public Service staff aimed at building awareness and capability to manage new ways of working in a flexible, remote and Activity Based Work environment.

COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 continues to be a catalyst for change for the Directorate. While most front-line staff have returned to their roles, there are staff who continue to work from home or who combine their
attendance between their workplace and home.

Support mechanisms are available to support staff, whether they are working from home or at their workplace and include:

  • provision of regular updates in relation to HR policies and practices
  • easy access to support and wellbeing resources, including EAP services and other wellbeing services available, and
  • access to leave entitlements relating to COVID-19 matters, including leave to enable staff to attend appointments for a COVID-19 vaccination.

Jobs for Canberrans

  • To support Canberrans who had lost their jobs amid the COVID-19 public health emergency or were ineligible for the Job Keeper payment, the Directorate provided temporary employment opportunities to 11 Canberrans under the Jobs for Canberrans program.
  • Four employees under this program were supported to participate in a Candidate Care Program before the end of their contracts. The program provided the following:
    • pastoral care, support, and mentoring
    • development and promotion of professional networks and relationships both within their field of expertise and the broader ACT Government
    • identified transferrable skills, capabilities and qualifications and link those with new job opportunities as they arise (both internal and external)
    • supported and coordinated access to learning and development opportunities as needed; and
    • one-day training workshop on resume building and job readiness.