The practice focus includes advice to directorates and agencies on commercial arrangements, the application of the competition and consumer law, Corporations Act and corporate governance, company finance generally and activity pertaining to contracts and/or arising from the procurement of goods and services, including all ICT. 

During the reporting period activities included:

  • working with key stakeholders to provide legal advice, contract preparation and negotiation services in relation to a significant number of Territory projects
  • advising on commercial matters to support the implementation of several free trade agreements to which Australia is a party
  • working with the contracted legal services providers, the ACTGS continues to contribute legal advice from a government legal perspective into the Stage 1 and Stage 2 light rail projects, the Kingston Arts Project and the ACT Courts public private partnership, and
  • providing advice on inter-governmental arrangements and agreements pertaining to or arising from the procurement of goods and services or contracts arising from grants or other funding arrangements.