The Attorney-General and Territory agencies were provided advice on a wide range of public and constitutional law matters. Advice and representation in these areas of law often involve essential aspects with implications for government which can have enduring and/or broader ranging implications which extend beyond the interests of a particular directorate.

In addition to the ongoing matters under management, since the initial notification of the emerging public health risk to the ACT community, ACTGS lawyers continued to support the Chief Health Officer, working collaboratively across Government to facilitate the drafting and settlement of the terms of the Health Directions within the tight timeframes imposed by the health circumstances and the National Cabinet framework. Advice was provided to government and agencies on a range of associated issues.

The Public and Constitutional Law practice continued to support the Solicitor-General in the provision of constitutional legal advice and exclusive advice on public law and issues in particular the review of 78B notices under the Judiciary Act. Further detail in relation to section 78B notices can be found in the Solicitor-General section of this report.