Together with the Office of the Solicitor-General, activities of the ACTGS support the Attorney-General
as the first Law Officer of the Territory by ensuring that the Government has high-quality legal and related services that protect the Territory’s interests.  To safeguard these interests, the ACTGS requires a unique breadth of technical legal expertise which responds to and supports municipal, state and federal administration. The ACTGS expertise includes capability in:

  • advice on systems of government and all government functions and responsibilities and litigation regarding administrative law and regulatory functions
  • commercial matters, procurement, land and property interests involving Government, and
  • litigation and dispute resolution processes for civil and commercial claims made by and against the Territory.

The Law Officers (General) Legal Services Directions 2012 (the Legal Services Directions) sets out how Territory legal work must be performed and includes the obligation to act as a model litigant more particularly set out in the Law Officer (Model Litigant) Guidelines 2010. The ACTGS assists agencies
to comply with the Legal Services Directions, particularly the obligation to act as a model litigant in the conduct of litigation, including the approval of the engagement of external legal service providers such
as Counsel.