The Office of the Commissioner provides executive support to the Commissioner and other executives, as well as Ministerial support and liaison, strategic planning, communications, staff engagement and governance functions.

Key achievements for the Office of the Commissioner over 2020-21 included:

  • The ACTCS Internal Communications Strategy
  • Inaugural Corrections Remembrance Day
  • Staff recognised on National Thank a First Responder Day

The Internal Communications Strategy outlines governance mechanisms that assist in ensuring ACTCS has clear lines of communication and decision-making across all levels, to and from frontline staff members, line management and the Executive. This plan is an important component to ensure that ACTCS can continue to drive progress across key areas to meet both long- and short-term challenges.


The Commissioner manages all executive functions of the agency, incorporating both operational and corporate areas. The Commissioner is assisted by the following Executives:

  • Deputy Commissioner Custodial Operations, responsible for the AMC, and the Court Transport Unit (CTU)
  • AMC General Manager, responsible for the day-to-day operational regime of the AMC
  • Assistant Commissioner Community Corrections, responsible for the parole unit and supervision of offenders in the community
  • Assistant Commissioner Offender Reintegration, responsible for programs, sentence management planning and the Justice Housing Program
  • Executive Branch Manager Corporate Services, responsible for human resources, finance, facilities management and ICT support, and
  • Executive Branch Manager Operational Support, responsible for policy and risk, project management, training and hosting the Sentence Administration Board secretariat.

In 2020-21, ACTCS established two new business units to enhance the capability of the service to drive innovation and best practice service delivery.

Intelligence and Integrity

The Intelligence and Integrity Unit (IIU) provides dedicated and specialised intelligence functions across ACTCS, working in close collaboration with ACT Policing. The IIU assesses threats to the operations of both custodial and community corrections and receives and assesses allegations of misconduct by ACTCS staff and promotes integrity throughout the agency.

In 2020-21, the IIU was involved in the response to all major incidents. The main accomplishments were:

  • introducing quarterly strategic assessments to bring significant trends to the attention of ACTCS senior managers
  • using a secure online platform to improve information sharing with external agencies in a timely and more secure manner
  • updating the intelligence database to ensure a central place for information storage, improving trend and link analysis
  • introducing intelligence briefings for operational staff, and
  • closer liaison with ACT Policing.