The vision of ACTCS is to be the leader in the provision of effective correctional services which positively change lives, reduce reoffending and increase community safety. The ACTCS Strategic Plan 2019-24 is entitled One Team, One Purpose: Supporting a Safer Community and contains four pillars: Safety, Reintegration, Dignity and Excellence.

In the 2020-21 reporting period the following key activities were undertaken:


  • ACTCS recruited an Executive Branch Manager to the Operational Support business unit, leading policy and risk management, training and compliance and a range of program management services
  • the ACTCS Risk Management Framework was released in August 2020
  • ACTCS continued to review and formalise agreements with external partners and agencies
  • seven (7) new and revised agreements were completed in this period, and
  • ACTCS continued to strengthen the close working relationship with ACT Policing.


  • the Assistant Commissioner, Offender Reintegration led vital work bridging the gap between custodial sentence and the successful reintegration of offenders into the community, and
  • ACTCS continued to engage in Integrated Offender Management reform programs building an efficient, gender- and trauma-responsive approach to sentence management practices. These practices focus on creating a rehabilitative environment, with a focus on reintegrative support pre- and post-imprisonment.


  • ACTCS established the first Disability Action and Inclusion Plan across the ACT Government. The Plan outlines commitments across five focus areas to promote more equitable access and inclusion for individuals with disability interacting with the service
  • ACTCS established a Detainee Delegates Policy to formalise the process of delegates meetings
    in the AMC as a forum for positive dialogue between detainees and senior custodial management regarding services, accommodation, programs, issues and concerns
  • ACTCS continued to build on the close working relationship with Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health and Community Services to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander detainees at the AMC, and
  • ACTCS continued to review and update custodial policies and procedures and notified 10 policies under the Corrections Management Act 2007.


  • ACTCS developed the Walking with Women on the Pathway to Change Framework which outlines the gender specific needs of women in correctional settings and the evidence-based principles and strategies for service to promote positive outcomes. The Framework was a collaborative effort with many stakeholders across government and the community and will inform development of future service models.
  • ACTCS has developed a new suite of resources to support project management across the agency. These include a Charter of services for the newly established Program Management Office, project framework and tools and templates.
  • In 2021 ACTCS initiated a review of policies and procedures for Community Corrections. Ten new or reviewed procedures (called Community Instructions) were implemented in this period.
  • The achievements of ACTCS staff members and teams were recognised in the National Corrections Day celebrations in January 2021.
  • The Community Corrections Improvement Project commenced in January 2021 with the primary aim of building upon existing procedural frameworks to standardise, streamline and update processes to reflect the current and contemporary business practices.