Ms Jane Campbell was appointed as a Special Magistrate on 11 January 2021 until 10 January 2022.

Ms Margaret Hunter OAM and Dr Anthony Hopkins were appointed as Special Magistrates for the period commencing 1 May 2021 until 30 April 2022.  Special Magistrate Hopkins is performing the role of magistrate of the Galambany Court and hears protection matters.

ACAT Appointments

During 2020-21 the following changes were made to ACAT appointments:

  • Thena Kyprianou was appointed to the ACAT as a Presidential Member on 24 August 2020 and resigned from her appointment on 5 May 2021.
  • Heidi Robinson was appointed a Presidential Member on 5 May 2021, having formerly held the appointment of full-time Senior Member.
  • Michael Orlov was appointed for five years as a full-time Senior Member on 6 June 2021. 
  • Ordinary member Rebecca Vassarotti, an ordinary sessional member of the ACAT since 2015, resigned in October 2020 on her election as a member of the ACT Legislative Assembly. 
  • Dr Les Drew AM, a sessional senior ACAT member since 2009, resigned in November 2020.