The ESA Capabilities Coordination and Support branch was formed in late 2019 and brings together a range of logistics and capability support functions. The functional units include the ESA Workshop, ESA Resource Centre, ESA Fleet team, ESA Procurement and Project Coordination team.

The ESA Capabilities Coordination and Support branch is designed to bring a 'whole of capability' focus
to ESA investment and sustainment across all services.

ESA Fleet and Logistics

This team includes ESA Fleet, ESA Workshop and the ESA Resource Centre.

ESA Fleet and the ESA Workshop are responsible for management, servicing and repairs to the ESA Fleet. This includes vehicles for all four operational services and the associated equipment that each service requires to respond to incidents.

The ESA Fleet currently consists of 321 vehicles:

  • 158 operational vehicles classified as frontline response vehicles, fitted with Mobile Data Terminals (MDT), Territory Radio Network (TRN), lights, sirens and livery, ambulances, single unit response vehicles, district officers and commander vehicles
  • 59 operational support vehicles which are second response vehicles to support an incident. These vehicles are fitted with combinations of MDTs, TRN lights, sirens, and livery based on the type of response vehicle
  • ACTF&R Technical and Operational Support Services (TOSS) resource centre, and
  • 104 other vehicles, which include all trailers, support equipment (such as forklifts, bobcats and tractors) and includes enabling service vehicles.

ESA’s owned vehicles and equipment are fully maintained by the ESA Workshop, which also maintains the specialised operational items that are installed on ESA leased vehicles such as radios, MDTs and warning devices. The ESA Workshop also maintains specialised equipment such as pumps, chainsaws, and the Lucas tools that are used to cut through panels to free passengers from vehicles following crashes. The team also undertakes and manages the procurement and build of specialised vehicles and associated equipment for the ESA and operational services.

The ESA Resource Centre procures, manages, supplies and distributes multiple inventory items as required by the four operational services. The Resource Centre stocks essential emergency response supplies and is also responsible for managing the supply of uniforms and protective personal clothing and equipment to ESA’s frontline response personnel.

ESA Procurement and Project Co-ordination Team

During 2020-21, the team supported ESA business units in procuring essential goods and services and building effective supply chains to support ESA's operational capabilities. The team conducted over 80 procurement processes of various levels of complexity and value, ranging from specialised personal protective clothing through to catering for incidents and the purchase of equipment.

2020-21 Highlights

  • establishing the ESA Project Oversight Committee
  • procuring Australia’s first electric fire truck, which is due to commence operations in March 2022, and
  • introducing two new water tankers with Indigenous Artwork into the fleet.