Networking BBQ at Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm

The ACTRFS attended a networking BBQ at the Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm to support their efforts to connect with rural community members.

Ngunnawal Cultural Burning

The ACTRFS supported land managers at Birrigai Outdoor School and Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm to get Ngunnawal Cultural Burning back into the land management practices for the two sites. Part of this has been supporting staff at the sites to undertake Wildfire Awareness Training and assisting with the development of burn plans. During 2020-21, ACTRFS also met with the Ngunnawal Elders Council and Birrigai Staff to discuss how ACTRFS can best assist them to run the Ngunnawal Cultural Burning on Country. Ngunnawal Cultural Burning is being led by the land managers and the Ngunnawal Elders with RFS support where it is requested.

Figure 43 - Image of grasslands Ngunnawal County

Figure 43 - Image of grasslands Ngunnawal County

Cultural Blessing for storm season

On 5 September 2020, senior ACTSES personnel participated in an aboriginal cultural blessing prior to the upcoming storm season. A smoking ceremony was conducted, with clapping sticks brought together, one held by the Acting Chief Officer and the other by local Ngunnawal man, Richie Allan. Clapping the sticks together symbolised the sharing of care and responsibility to look after Canberra, Ngunnawal Country during the storm season. The smoking ceremony blessed ACTSES members with safe passage to walk freely on Ngunnawal Country.

ACTESA Survival plan in additional languages

To increase inclusivity and broaden the scope of our safety messaging, the ACTESA Survival Plan and associated documents were translated into four additional languages: Arabic, Mandarin, Punjabi and Vietnamese. These languages were chosen based on research gathered into the most common languages spoken at home (other than English) coming into the ACT.