ACT Auditor-General’s Report 10/2020: 2019-20 Financial Audits Financial results and Audit Findings

Below is the Government’s response to the Report: ACT Auditor ACT Auditor-General’s Report 10/2020: 2019-20 Financial Audits Financial Results and Audit Findings

Table 46 - Government Response: ACT Auditor-General’s Report 10/2020

Recommendation No. and Summary



Recommendation 1

The Directorate should: i) perform a year-end reconciliation between ICMS and Oracle and investigate and resolve any variances in courts fees and fines revenue prior to the Directorate providing its financial statements for audit; and ii) have the reconciliation reviewed by an independent officer and evidenced as such.


Reports extracting data from the ICMS to allow reconciliation of the Territorial Revenue Account to Oracle have been developed and implemented.


Recommendation 2

The Directorate should comprehensively review variance explanations included in the draft financial statements prior to providing them to the Audit Office for audit to ensure that they are error free, clear, understandable, and informative about the main reasons for variances. A second review could be performed by someone other than the preparers of the financial statements to ensure readers do not require detailed knowledge of the Directorate’s operations to understand the explanations.


The Directorate has undertaken a thorough review of variance explanations during the development of 2020-21 financial statements.