Appropriation Bill 2019-20 and Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2019-20

Below is the Government’s response to the Report: Select Committee on Estimates 2019-20:Appropriation Bill 2019-20

Table 44 - Government Response: Appropriation Bill 2019-20

Recommendation No. and Summary



Recommendation 184

The Committee recommends that the ACT Government, noting that the redirection of the Safer Families Levy will result in the loss of funding for several frontline legal services, including court positions, restore funding for these vital services.

Agreed in principle

On 28 May 2020, the Attorney-General signed the Project Agreement for COVID-19 Legal Assistance Funding which will distribute $0.944 million in Commonwealth funding to the ACT’s legal assistance sector in response to COVID-19.  The ACT Government determined how this funding would be allocated across the sector and allocated $0.224 million to the Women’s Legal Centre to assist it to engage a Family Law Lawyer and an Employment and Discrimination Law Lawyer to respond to the legal needs of vulnerable women and their children arising from COVID-19.