Select Committee on Estimates 2018-19: Appropriation Bill 2018-19 at the Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2018-2019

Report: Appropriation Bill 2018-19 at the Appropriation (OLA) Bill 2018-2019

Table 48 - Government Response: Appropriation Bill 2018-19 at the Appropriation (OLA) Bill 2018-2019

Recommendation No. and summary



Recommendation 88

The Committee recommends that the topic of the age of criminal liability be raised with the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (CAG) as a matter for national consideration, and the results of this action be included in the review to be prepared for the Assembly.


In 2021, the CAG was replaced by the Meetings of Attorneys‐General (MAG) which consists of three national priorities.  The age of criminal responsibility was not included as a priority. The ACT Government has committed under the Parliamentary and Governing Agreement for the 10th Legislative Assembly of the ACT to raising of the minimum age of criminal responsibility as one of the priority legislative reform areas for the ACT Government.


Recommendation 99

The Committee recommends that the ACT Government provide regular updates to the Assembly on the outcomes of negotiations with the United Firefighters Union (UFU) relating to planned capital works at the Ainslie Fire Station.


A Fair Work Commission Hearing resulted in an outcome for specific representatives of the UFU and Emergency Services Agency to work collaboratively on a solution. This solution is currently being costed and will be proposed to both parties for support in an appropriate consultative forum. Early indications are that the works may be completed by the end of the 2021-22 Financial Year.