B.6 Fraud Prevention

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Planning

The Directorate’s Fraud and Corruption Control Framework provides the basis for raising awareness of and reducing and managing instances of fraud and corruption in the Directorate. The Directorate maintains registers capturing fraud risks at the strategic, business, and operational levels. Progress in addressing fraud risks is reported to the Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) on a regular basis.

Fraud Awareness Activity

The Directorate continues to increase staff awareness in relation to ethics, integrity, and fraud and corruption prevention through training and other staff development activities. Fraud and ethics training is mandatory for Directorate staff.

In 2020-21, the Directorate conducted 11 Fraud and Ethics Awareness training sessions. This included 10 sessions for staff and recruits from ACT Corrective Services, ACT Ambulance Service and ACT Fire and Rescue. These sessions were attended by 178 staff. The awareness program for all staff focuses on understanding their responsibilities and reporting suspected fraud or corruption. Elements of the all-staff awareness program on fraud and ethics have also been incorporated into the induction program for new starters.

The Directorate continues to raise awareness of fraud and corruption risks through other mechanisms such as the Directorate Intranet, newsletter and all-staff emails from the Senior Executive Responsible for Business Integrity Risk (SERBIR).

During 2020-21, the Directorate completed a review of online fraud awareness materials, including training and intranet content.

The Directorate also conducted a Fraud Risk Assessment of ACT Courts and Tribunal, ACT Corrective Services, Emergency Services Agency and JACS Corporate, including the update of their fraud risk registers.

Senior Executive Responsible for Business Integrity Risk

The Executive Branch Manager, Governance and Business Improvement is the Directorate's SERBIR and manages information pertaining to actual, alleged or suspected cases of fraud. During 2020-21, the SERBIR issued three all-staff messages to promote awareness of integrity-related issues regarding gifts and benefits, the Fraud and Corruption Control Framework and upholding the ACT Public Service Code of Conduct during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Fraud Detection - Incidents of Potential Fraud Detected in 2020-21

No alleged fraud incidents were identified during 2020-21.