ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS) Patient Experience

Each year the ACTAS participates in a national survey with all other Australian ambulance services seeking feedback from patients, or the carers of patients, who have been provided with emergency treatment and transport in the two months preceding the survey. Key objectives of the survey are to benchmark perceived service quality and customer experience levels across all State and Territory ambulance services. During 2020, 1 300 surveys were sent out to randomly selected patients. In the 2020 survey, the ACTAS achieved an overall patient satisfaction of 98%. Overall satisfaction for all Australian services was 98%. The ACTAS improved its overall satisfaction of 97% from the 2019 survey, and nationally the overall patient satisfaction remained at 98%.

Restart a Heart Day

Restart a Heart Day is an international CPR and Automated External Defibrillators (AED) awareness campaign that was initiated in Europe and is held on 16 October each year. The campaign aims to improve bystander participation in early CPR and defibrillation face-to-face education and social media, with the key message to Call (000), Push (CPR) and Shock (use of AED if available). Due to the COVID related restrictions the 2020 Restart a Heart Day was held as a virtual livestream event. ACTAS participated in the national livestream event which reached 40 000 people across Australia.

Fire Education

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, ACTF&R could not attend ACT schools 2020-21 to deliver and teach Fire Safety Education to children in the traditional face-to-face format. The ACTF&R Fire Education Upgrade Project published fire education resources online through the ESA Webpage, “Kid Zone”. The ACTF&R Fire Education program includes new learning aids for children that use modern, interactive computer technology.

The “Kids Zone” page includes a fire education video, lesson and workbook resources that engage children by providing excitement and fun with strong learning outcomes that support children’s mental health and well-being. This webpage has been accessed 1 567 times since going live in September 2020.

The Juvenile Fire Awareness Intervention Program (JFAIP) aims to reduce fatalities, injuries and property damage caused by children’s fire lighting. On referral, specially trained firefighters work in partnership with parents and carers to develop an environment where all family members learn safe, responsible fire behaviour. The practitioners receive on average 10 referrals a year and to date there have been zero re-offenders.

Assistance with the COVID-19 Pandemic

ACT Rural Fire Service worked with ACT Policing to conduct COVID-19 compliance checks within the community. They also participated in a series of ESA-led community information pop-up stalls at four key locations across Canberra to help educate, inform and support Canberrans in staying COVID-safe.

ACTRFS Community Education activities

In response to the COVID-19 public health emergency, restrictions were set in place that affected the delivery of community engagement and education events. While some events were cancelled, ACTRFS were flexible in the delivery of their engagements, adjusting some activities to online models.

During 2020-21 ACTRFS conducted or supported more than 75 community engagement activities including school presentations, scout visits, charity events and targeted education activities.

ACTRFS participated in the multi-site, Mingle Neighbour Day event in March 2021. This event is held in three locations in new and developing suburbs on the urban fringe of Canberra.  Attendance at this event presented an opportunity for members to promote awareness and encourage preparedness to community members in high-risk areas. 

2020 Farmers Forum

Due to COVID-19 the 2020 Farmers Forum did not go ahead as a face to face gathering. Three videos were sent to Rural Landholders in the ACT. The videos included an address by the ESA Commissioner Georgeina Whelan and the then Deputy ESA Commissioner Ray Johnson, Weather Outlook, ACTRFS Strategic Planner, Farm FireWise update, and the process for burning and permits to Burn.