Asset maintenance and upgrades (not including works reported through the capital works program) completed during 2020-21 were:

Table 81 - 2020-21 Repairs and Maintenance on Directorate Assets by Category

 Asset category



NBV ($'000)




56 910

Buildings and Leasehold Improvements1

13 074


451 715

Plant and Equipment

5 846


38 980

Total R&M Expenses

19 283


547 606

Note 1 - Includes buildings, leasehold improvements (excludes Make Good leasehold assets), community and heritage assets.

The expenditure on repairs and maintenance for the Directorate was $19.3 million which represented 4% of the asset replacement value.

The Directorate has drafted Strategic Asset Management Plans (SAMPs) for the Emergency Services Agency, Alexander Maconochie Centre and Forensic Medicine Centre. The SAMPs are subject to endorsement by JACS senior executive and will play a key role in supporting future planning, budgeting and asset renewal. They have been produced using data collected from comprehensive infrastructure condition audits, along with information gathered from executive workshops, risk assessments, analysis
of future demand and existing asset information.

The Directorate continues to facilitate due diligence to investigate and accurately identify all risks of previous use of Per and Poly-Fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS, PFOS and PFOA), which was a chemical component of Fire Fighting foam that was used historically by ACT Fire and Rescue (ACTFR). ACTFR stopped using these chemicals in 2005.

The Directorate has been working closely with the regulator, subject matter experts and stakeholders to manage the potential risks with a primary focus on the former Charnwood site. This project has involved detailed site investigations and plans for any potential remediation or long-term risk management.