Cultural Facilities Corporation

Education and training of staff on human rights principles   

The Cultural Facilities Corporation (CFC) is committed to a workplace that respects, protects and promotes human rights principles.

The CFC new staff Induction pack includes information on the Respect, Equity and Diversity (RED) Framework, ACT Government’s Healthy Minds – Thriving Workplaces 2019-2022 strategy, Work Health and Safety, ACT Public Service training calendar and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

During the year, staff participated in a range of training and professional development opportunities. RED training was conducted in-house for 19 staff. Development opportunities were provided to advance skills and knowledge and to collaboratively contribute to positive work cultures. The CFC has three appointed RED contact officers to promote RED in the workplace and offer support, guidance and information to staff. One staff member completed a Mental Health First Aid training course and is now certified to provide first point of
contact support and guidance.

During the year, the CFC undertook a range of human rights related activities including:

  • participation in various Mental Health and Wellbeing during COVID-19 initiatives, in association
    with the ACT Government’s Healthy Minds – Thriving Workplaces 2019-2022 strategy
  • the CFC celebrated International Women’s Day with a lunch for female Board members and Advisory Committee Convenors and Deputy Convenors, invited guests and senior staff and a morning tea for
    CFC staff and volunteers; and
  • the presentation of the 2020 Don Aitkin Awards took place in December 2020, which recognises staff contributions and achievements throughout the year. Judging of the awards included assessment of
    the nominees’ adherence to RED principles.

The CFC’s Human Resources area ensures that staff have access to, and are aware of, the EAP through dissemination of information and signage in the workplace.

Reviews undertaken of internal policies and procedures for compatibility with human rights

The CFC did not undertake specific reviews of its policies and procedures for compatibility with human rights.  However, the CFC undertakes regular reviews of its policies and procedures and takes into account a range of factors, including human right principles, in these reviews.

Any guidelines or checklists developed to incorporate consideration of public authority obligations under s 40B of the Human Rights Act in decision making

As required by section 40B of the Human Rights Act 2004, the CFC incorporates consideration of relevant human rights into decision-making and when undertaking reviews of policies and procedures.

The CFC follows the Chief Health Officer’s ACT Public Health Directions in response to the COVID-19 situation. In making the Public Health Emergency Directions, the Chief Health Officer considers relevant human rights in decision making.

Any dissemination of information about agency obligations under the Human Rights Act to clients

No specific information to visitors and patrons was provided explaining human rights and obligations of the CFC. However, information on relevant human rights matters was provided such as access to performances at the Canberra Theatre Centre for patrons with special needs and access requirements.    

Human Rights Act considerations included in the complaints handling framework

CFC complaints handling policies and processes incorporate relevant considerations such as confidentiality, transparency and accessibility.

Inclusion of Human Rights Act obligations in contracts and tenders

The CFC engages ACT Procurement to procure major capital works and goods and services on its behalf, and to ensure Human Rights Act 2004 obligations are incorporated into these procurements.

Internal dissemination of information to staff on the legislative scrutiny process

ACT Government messages in relation to human rights topics are made available to all staff, including notices of training opportunities.

Liaison with the Human Rights Advisors on human rights principles or the legislative scrutiny process

The CFC did not prepare any cabinet submission with identified human rights issues.

Reviews or preparations for reviews of existing legislation for compatibility with the Human Rights Act

No legislative reviews were undertaken in this reporting period. Any future reviews of the Cultural Facilities Corporation Act 1997 would include consideration of compatibility with the Human Rights Act 2004.


There were no cases before courts or tribunals which involved arguments concerning the Human Rights Act 2004.