Building on Liquor Reform: White Paper

06 April 2016

The Building on Liquor Reform: White Paper released by Attorney-General Simon Corbell proposes a comprehensive package of reforms that prioritise community safety while increasing the vibrancy of the ACT’s nightlife precincts. The proposed reforms include a reduction of fees and removal of red tape for smaller, safer venues as well as a number of options to deal with late-night alcohol related violence.

Liquor legislation and regulation in the ACT was significantly reformed in 2010, in part, to respond to growing concerns about the levels of violent and anti-social behaviour associated with the abuse of alcohol. As part of these reforms, the Liquor Act 2010 adopted a new focus on harm minimisation and community safety. It sought to provide clear guidance to the regulator, licensees and the community about the purpose and objectives of the new laws to minimise the overall level of harm caused by the use of alcohol.

In 2013, an independent review of the 2010 reforms was undertaken by ACIL Allen Consulting. This review, which included consultation with key stakeholders, found that the majority of stakeholders consider the reforms to have made a positive contribution to community safety. However, the review identified a number of issues that remain of concern, including the level of alcohol related violence and harm, and a reported culture of pre-loading. The review identified a number of opportunities to further reform the ACT’s licensing regime in the pursuit of a safer community and a more efficient hospitality sector, including potential reforms relating to the trading hours of licensed premises, minimum pricing for alcohol, liquor promotion and liquor licensing.

The ACT Government has recently consulted widely with key stakeholders and the general public in relation to the opportunities identified in the review, through the Issues Paper: Addressing alcohol-related harm and the Proposals for Regulatory Reform Paper. The submissions received in relation to these papers have assisted to inform the proposals outlined in the White Paper.

The Attorney-General has requested the views of the Liquor Advisory Board on the proposals in the White Paper and these will be considered prior to deciding which of the proposals in the paper will best support the ACT’s vision for a safe, vibrant and diverse late night economy.

Building on Liquor Reform: White Paper [PDF 705KB]

Stakeholders and members of the community can provide feedback on the Building on Liquor Reform: White Paper to the Justice and Community Safety Directorate by 13 May 2016 at or by writing to:

Building on Liquor Reform: White Paper
Legislation, Policy and Programs
Justice and Community Safety Directorate
GPO Box 158

Generally, submissions will be made public. In the absence of a clear indication that a submission is intended to be confidential, the submission will be treated as non-confidential.

Non-confidential submissions may be made available to any person or organisation on request.

Confidential submissions may include personal or sensitive information where privacy is required. Any request for access to a confidential submission is determined in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1989, which has provisions designed to protect sensitive information given in confidence.

Anonymous submissions may be accepted, but the Justice and Community Safety Directorate reserves the right not to publish or refer to a submission whose author is not reliably identified.

These Submissions relate to the Liquor Review: Proposals for Regulatory Reform

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Australian Liquor Stores Association - Proposals [PDF 274KB]
NSW ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance - Proposals [PDF 9801KB]
Victims of Crime Commissioner - Proposals [PDF216KB]

These Submissions relate to the Issues Paper: Addressing alcohol-related harm

ACT Policing - Issues Paper [PDF 95KB]
ACT Youth Advisory Council [PDF 537KB]
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Alcolizer [PDF 135KB]
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Australasian College for Emergency Medicine [PDF 367KB]
Australian Hotels Association ACT [PDF 910KB]
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Brewers Association [PDF 360KB]
Canberra CBD Limited [PDF107KB]
ClubsACT [PDF 3.90MB]
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Community Services Directorate [PDF 108KB]
Deakin University [PDF 159KB]
Diageo Australia [PDF 291KB]
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education [PDF 401KB]
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