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LRAC Inquiry into restorative practices

Terms of Reference

On 8 September 2016, the ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell MLA asked the ACT Law Reform Advisory Council (LRAC) to undertake an inquiry into fostering restorative practices in the ACT, with a focus on the legal and justice dimensions of restorative practices. The inquiry  allowed LRAC to explore creative solutions to shared problems using restorative processes which have the potential to promote safer and more connected communities.

Terms of Reference [PDF 36KB]

The first stage of this reference was the release of the LRAC Issues Paper entitled Canberra – becoming a restorative city in PDF [1MB] and Word [536KB] format. The Council compiled submissions from the community and stakeholders on the Issues Paper.

Submissions received 

The following submissions were received by the Council and were agreed to be made public. As some of them contain other material, they are presented here as PDFs for ease of download. If you require any of the submissions in Word format, please contact to arrange this.

  1. Catherine Settle
  2. Advocacy for Inclusion
  3. Human Rights Commission
  4. ACAT
  5. Canberra Community Law
  6. Regnet
  7. Relationships Australia
  8. Professor Bob Douglas
  9. David Moore - on behalf of the Committee of the Victorian Association for Restorative Justice
  10. Conflict Resolution Service - Preliminary
  11. AB Survey Monkey No 11
  12. Canberra Alliance for Participatory Democracy (CAPAD) 

Progress Report on the consultations

The Law Reform Advisory Council completed a Progress Report in the Restorative City PDF [1 MB] and Word [856 KB] reference.  This provides information from the submissions sent in by individuals and organisations, as well as from consultations, case-studies and meetings conducted by Council since the Issues Paper was released at the end of June 2017. This Progress Report summarises information and ideas put forward by people in the Canberra community about the broader issues raised in the Issues Paper. It also provides some ideas and thoughts from those with lived experiences of the two focus areas of the Issues Paper, child protection and public housing from a range of perspectives.

Final Report

The Council conducted extensive research, interviews, and consultation to hear from a range of people about Canberra’s potential as a restorative city, and areas where restorative approaches could be particularly meaningful. The Council delivered the final report in October 2018, including fourteen recommendations about diverse areas of ACT Government.

To support the Report, the Justice and Community Safety Directorate has developed a summary of restorative practice initiatives across all directorates of the ACT Government. For Canberra to become a restorative city, we will have to work together across the whole of government and community.

We invite you to take a look at each of these documents, and to think about what role you want to play in Canberra’s journey to becoming a restorative city.

Law Reform Advisory Council Final Report.

Justice and Community Safety Directorate Supporting Document