Disclosure log

Reference No. Dates Information Requested Information Given Notice Files Additional Information Decision Date Fees Time spent on application Ombudsman Decision Area
JACS2020-105 Application
20 October 2020
25 November 2020

The following information relating to an incident at 26 Sellwood Street, Holt ACT on

28 August 2020:

1. ACT Fire & Rescue’s file in relation to the Incident including incident report/log,

notebook entries logs, statements, correspondence (internal and external),

memoranda, investigation reports, expert reports, articles, media releases, records of

interview, sketches, plans, drawings, photographs and images

2. Any witness statements obtained in relation to the incident.

Partial release



11 November 2020 N/A 2 working days N/A
JACS2020-104 Application
19 October 2020
17 November 2020

A copy of the video from the CCTV camera in the main room of WCC WS1b recorded on 15th October 2020 from 12:00 to 21:30 ADST.

Refused 10 November 2020 N/A 2 working days N/A
JACS2020-103 Application
12 October 2020
17 November 2020

Information (spreadsheets) on assaults on corrective services staff at the Alexander Maconochie Centre from 1 January 2018 to 30 June 2018.

Partial release 03 November 2020 N/A 1 working day N/A
JACS2020-102 Application
08 September 2020
30 October 2020

Copies of documents relating to the erroneous release of personal information of detainees to the ABC under a Freedom of Information request in 2017.

Partial release

Request Schedule


27 October 2020 N/A 5 working days N/A
JACS2020-101 Application
03 September 2020
23 October 2020

Assaults on staff at the Alexander Maconochie Centre during 2018-19 and 2019-20

Partial release


Part 1 Documents

Part 2 Documents

09 October 2020 N/A 4 Working Days N/A
JACS2020-100 Application
28 July 2020
23 September 2020

copies of any formal complaints lodged (both internal and external) and the investigation reports produced as a result of those complaints against three ACT Government Solicitor staff (from 1 January 2010 to 25 July 2020).

No information found 09 September 2020 N/A 3 working days N/A
JACS2020/99 Application
17 July 2020
03 September 2020

A list of all ACAT hearing matters arising under the Human Rights Act 2004, Discrimination Act 1991 and Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) 1989 Act;
Where the matter heard was relevant to:

  • Discrimination
  • Occupational Discipline

Where the matter was administered, reviewed and or submitted by the following ACT Government Solicitor legal representatives [redacted]. The date range for the search to be conducted is from the 1st of January 2010 to present date of this FOI which is the 18th of July 2020.

Refused 20 August 2020 N/A 3 working days N/A
JACS2020-98 Application
09 June 2020
31 August 2020

All documents and records related to the Emergency Services Agency’s After Action Review of fire operations in 2019-20.

Partial release


Part 1.a Documents

Part 1.b Documents

Part 1.c Documents

Part 2 Documents

Part 3 Documents

Part 4 Documents

Part 5 Documents

Part 6 Documents

Part 7 Documents

Part 8 Documents

Part 9 Documents

Part 10 Documents

Part 11 Documents

Part 12 Documents

Part 13 Documents

Part 14 Documents

Part 15 Documents

Part 16 Documents

Part 17 Documents

Part 18 Documents

Part 19 Documents

Part 20 Documents

Part 21 Documents

Part 22 Documents

17 August 2020 N/A 45 Working Days N/A
JACS2020-97 Application
12 June 2020
06 August 2020
  • all documents relating to Roads, Traffic and Safety Concerns around Canberra Grammar School from 2017 forward including any and all external and internal Safety Audits, Safety Reports, Traffic Reports, Assessments and Recommendations.
  • ACT Government plans and strategies, both past and future, to address the issues raised within any reports.
  • ACT Government Risk Assessment on the Reports/Audits and the Government Risk Mitigation strategies
  • all communication regarding the Road Safety Concerns, including reports to the Minister.
Partial release 24 July 2020 N/A 5 working days N/A
JACS2020-96 Application
15 June 2020
27 July 2020

Records of individual deliveries in 2020 to various accommodation sections of the Alexander Maconochie Centre for: paper towel, dish-washing detergent, liquid (hand-washing) soap, individual soap blocks, liquid disinfectant, liquid deodoriser, and liquid bleach.

Full release 13 June 2020 N/A 2 Working Days N/A