JACS Directorate staff helping to make their community even greater through GreaterGood

04 February 2021

Greater Good

A decade after its establishment, the JACS workplace giving program “JACS4GreaterGood” is poised to have disbursed over $50,000 in tax-deductable donations to registered charities in our local community.

The JACS workplace giving program was established by the Public Trustee and Guardian to enable JACS staff to make voluntary charitable contributions using automatic payroll deductions. Contributions to JACS4GreaterGood are then invested by the Public Trustee and Guardian for growth, and annual earnings are distributed to recipients nominated by the contributors. There is no deduction by the Public Trustee and Guardian for its administrative costs.

For JACS employees, our workplace giving program makes it convenient and simple to contribute to organisations that are doing important work in our community, and to claim tax-deductable donations without having to search for receipts. For charities, programs like ours ensure an ongoing and stable income which allows for more effective annual planning.

Recipients of funds from the JACS workplace giving program include the Australian Cancer Research Foundation ($3,750), Boundless Playground ($2,350), Cancer Council ($6,620), Domestic Violence Crisis Support ($3,900), Lifeline Canberra ($9,145), RSPCA ACT ($3,745) and The Newborn Intensive Care Foundation ($2,600).

With $48,337 distributed in the past ten years, the fund's 2020 disbursements will see the total value of donations surpass $50,000. The Public Trustee and Guardian, Andrew Taylor, believes that this milestone is well worth celebrating:

“The workplace giving scheme speaks volumes about JACS as an employer, and its commitment to social impact and staff engagement.”

Aimee Keogh, Executive Officer of GreaterGood, notes that the donation milestone has been achieved by a number of highly committed JACS staff members:

"In its short ten years, the JACS4GreaterGood workplace giving program has had more than 200 members.  Even though many of these have left JACS and been replaced by new members, the money they contributed remains in the fund and continues to provide benefit to our community forever. Our aim is to grow the number of staff participating in the program, to significantly increase its collective impact."

Could you help to make the impact of the GreaterGood program even greater?

Signing up to the program simply involves completing one form and all donations are 100% tax-deductible.

To find out more please visit the JACS workplace giving page or email Aimee at greatergood.act.gov.au.