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Information Requested

1. The AIRS manual(s) (including – but not limited to – AIRS reference and instruction manuals), AIRS policy(s), AIRS training guides, AIRS user guides, AIRS reference manuals, and any other AIRS documents. (Note: AIRS = Australian Incident Reporting System)

2. Any other available documents related to the collation and processing of statistical data as identified in (1), if available.

3. Current Standard Operating Procedures for Structural Fire.

4. Breathing Apparatus training manual and any entry control procedures for structural fires.

5. Any active contracts (or agreements) with the Australasian Fire Authorities Council (‘AFAC') where the contract (or agreement) covers the exchange of fire incident data.

Ombudsam Decision Area


Information Given
Partial release
Publication Date
14 May 2021
Application Date
26 March 2021
Decision Date
10 May 2021
Time spent on application
4 working days