A place-based justice reinvestment program, Strong Connected Neighbourhoods (formerly known as the High-density Housing Program), began in 2008.

Delivered by Reclink Australia, the program works with residents living in public housing sites on Ainslie Avenue Braddon and Reid, and Illawarra Court Belconnen. Reclink works with high and complex needs residents who have been, are currently, or are at risk of becoming, involved in the criminal justice system. 

Through the program, Reclink Australia works with the residents of the public housing sites to provide pro-social and law-abiding community engagement and facilitates access to services.

The Strong Connected Neighbourhoods Program has helped build a strong sense of community in these neighbourhoods. It has supported residents to develop stronger connections in the community, develop self-confidence and boost residents’ self-esteem.

A recent independent evaluation found that by proactively taking measures to strengthen the Ainslie Avenue community, incidents of violent crime have reduced by 50 per cent and reduced property crime by 60 per cent. The evaluation also found that the Program provides a realised saving of police time to government of at least $0.42 to $0.51 for every $1 invested.

The Program is a collaborative multi-agency initiative between the Justice and Community Safety Directorate, Community Services Directorate (Housing ACT), Canberra Health Services and ACT Policing.


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Reducing Indigenous incarceration rates

Justice Reinvestment is one of the ways we are striving to develop smarter, community and family-focused, inclusive and cost-effective outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Related programs include: