As part of the Parliamentary Agreement for the 9th Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory, the ACT Government has committed to an ambitious target of reducing recidivism (reoffending rates) by 25% by 2025.

Meeting this target will be a challenge – to think differently about how we address our use of imprisonment as a punitive measure, and how this can be done in a safe and supportive way for our community.

Recidivism is repeated criminal activity and is synonymous with terms such as ‘repeat offending’ and ‘reoffending’. To reduce recidivism, a reduction of repeat offences needs to be measured.

We cannot keep building larger and larger prisons in the hope that this will simply deal with the issue of rising imprisonment rates. Our focus is on ensuring we use prison to keep our community safe. 

To meet this target, the ACT Government is undertaking a range of initiatives through our Building Communities Not Prisons program.