New complaints process to help Canberra’s vulnerable

20 May 2020

The ACT Human Rights Commission (HRC) can now take complaints about abuse, neglect or exploitation of vulnerable people over 60 years old in the ACT.

The expanded protections provided to vulnerable members of the community are made by recent changes to the ACT Human Rights Commission Act 2005.

The HRC provides a free, informal, resolution focused complaint handling process for our community.

Older people or family members who are concerned about abuse, neglect or exploitation now have alternative options to address and resolve these issues rather than take more formal court or criminal action.

This process provides an opportunity for community members, family members or service providers to contact the Commission if they are concerned vulnerable Canberrans are at risk of abuse or neglect and want someone with authority to intervene.

Canberra is an inclusive and age-friendly city and the protection of Canberra’s vulnerable people, including the elderly and those with a disability, is a priority of the ACT Government.

Go to to find out how you can make a complaint to the ACT Human Rights Commission.