New Solar CCTV Camera for West Belconnen

21 May 2020

A solar powered CCTV camera has been installed on a temporary basis at the intersection of Parkwood Road and Macfarlane Burnet Avenue in Macgregor to help deter and investigate repeated ongoing vehicle damage to the roundabout and garden bed.

The CCTV camera is identical to others used by the ACT Government across Canberra to support public safety, crime deterrence and investigation. These cameras have proven to be highly cost effective.

The CCTV camera will operate for an initial six month period and is part of the ACT’s Public Safety CCTV Network. Live and recorded footage from the Public Safety CCTV Network is made available to the ACT Government and ACT Policing to support public safety, asset security and crime investigation. You can find out more about the Public Safety CCTV Network by clicking here.


CCTV Camera CCTV Camera 2