Property Crime Reduction Strategy: 2012-2015


Property crime offences can affect any Canberran at any time, and this is why the ACT Government has created a plan that is designed specifically to continue to protect Canberrans from this area of crime.

The vision of the Property Crime Reduction Strategy 2012-2015 is to make Canberra a safer place to live through a whole of government effort to produce a sustainable reduction in burglaries and motor vehicle thefts.

To achieve this vision the Strategy has set a target to reduce reported ACT burglary crime by a further 10% and motor vehicle theft by a further 20% by 31 December 2015, from a 2010 baseline.

Victim Type Base Year (2010) Target by 31 December 2015
Burglary 4240 victims ▼ 10% (approx. 3816 victims or less)
Motor Vehicle Theft 1331 victims ▼ 20% (approx. 1065 victims or less)