Review of How Victims of Crime are Supported

02 February 2021

An independent review of how victims of crime are being supported in the ACT is currently underway.

The review includes consideration of the Financial Assistance Scheme and Victim Services Scheme which are administered by the Victims of Crime Commissioner, and ACT Victim Levies which offset the delivery of services to victims of crime. It is being conducted by a consortium of researchers led by the Australian National University and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021.

Only the review of the Financial Assistance Scheme is required by legislation. However, reviewing the Victim Services Scheme and ACT Victim Levies alongside the Financial Assistance Scheme means that the researchers can consider whether these schemes are operating together efficiently, and in a way the supports recovery and acknowledges the harmful effects of crime on victims.

The researchers will consider written submissions, interviews, focus groups and surveys, as well as analysis of government data in this process. Key stakeholders will be invited to participate, including justice and victim support agencies, victims of crime and therapeutic service providers.

The review also includes ongoing collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders and Victim Support ACT to co-design services that will meet client needs and best utilise resources.

For more information on support available for victims of crime visit Victim Support ACT.