Safer Communities

Government takes on a major responsibility by providing law enforcement, courts and a corrections system as well as crime prevention and community safety programs. It also delivers special programs for vulnerable groups, and urban planning and development guidelines that take community safety into account.

However, how safe and secure we feel in our homes, on our streets, at shopping malls and centres, also depends on the individual.

On the streets

ACT Policing
ACT Policing provides comprehensive advise on how to remain vigilant and protect ourselves from becoming victims of crime.

ACT Policing also gives clear guidance relating to safety on our roads.

Transport Canberra and City Services
TCCS Website

ACT Crimestoppers is a partnership between the community, media and police designed to collect crime information that assists in the detection and reduction of crime.

Neighbourhood Watch
Neighbourhood Watch is a community-based crime prevention program aimed at the protection of property and personal safety.

At public events

Emergency Services Agency
The ESA provides assistance, advise and support to event organisers to hold successful, enjoyable and incident free events in the ACT.

Office of Regulatory Services
The ORS website has information about the safety, health and rights of staff, volunteers, participants and the public, as well as protection of property, and preservation of the environment at public events.