Birth Certificate Update

Changing given name and/or registered sex on birth certificates

The ACT Government is committed to protecting the rights of transgender, intersex and gender diverse young people living in the ACT. 

Recent reforms create new, independent pathways for transgender, intersex, and gender diverse young people under the age of 18 years to apply to change their given names and/or registered sex on their Birth Certificates if they were born in the ACT (or their Recognised Details Certificate if they are an ACT resident born outside the ACT).

Young people 16 years or over can apply to change details on their birth certificate independently without parental consent. Young people who do not have parental consent and are under 16 years, may be able to seek permission from the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal to apply for the changes independently.

More detailed factsheets on the reforms are available below:

You can also find additional information on the Access Canberra website.