Property Crime Prevention Strategy 2016-2020

While the ACT benefits from some of the lowest property crime rates in Australia, there is no room for complacency because property crime can affect any ACT resident at anytime. Remaining vigilant is essential to keeping property crime rates down.

Property crime prevention is everybody’s business. Government, police, community organisations and individuals all have a role to play.

The vision of the Property Crime Prevention Strategy 2016-2020 is for the ACT to have safe places, secure property and crimewise people.

This Strategy targets unlawful entry with intent, motor vehicle, bicycle and other theft and property damage. It focuses on strengthening community connectedness, promoting personal responsibility, improving access to data and supporting those who are more vulnerable and at risk of property crime.

Property Crime Prevention Strategy 2016-2020

Final Progress Report 2020

Progress Report 2018-2019

Progress Report 2016-2017


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