Gaming and Racing Policy

The Liquor, Racing and Gaming Policy unit is responsible for providing advice and support to the Attorney-General on gaming and racing policy including harm prevention. The unit has responsibility for developing policy reform and legislation on a range of ACT gaming laws in relation to gaming machines, wagering, racing, lotteries, unlawful gambling and the casino.

The unit provides secretariat support for the Diversification and Sustainability Support Fund Advisory Board (DSSFAB) and the Joint Racing Industry and Government Committee (JRIGC).

  • The DSSFAB provides advice and recommendations to the Attorney-General on expenditure from the Diversification and Sustainability Support Fund which assists clubs to diversify away from gaming machine revenue.
  • The JRIGC has been established to focus on the development and sustainability of racing in the ACT.


Latest news and announcements

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Regulation of Gaming and Racing

The ACT Gambling and Racing Commission is an independent body established under section 5 of the Gambling and Racing Control Act 1999 . The Commission has responsibility for administration of gaming laws, research on the impact of gaming on the community and control, supervision and regulation of gaming and racing in the Territory. Enquiries in relation to the regulation of gaming and racing should contact the Commission on 6207 0359 or using the online enquiry form available from the Commission’s website.