Complaints about the Board’s administrative operations, but not its decisions, can be investigated by the ACT Ombudsman. Victims can make complaints about the Board’s administrative operations, but not its decisions, to the Victims of Crime Commissioner. Complaints about discrimination can be submitted to the ACT Human Rights Commission. Complaints about corruption can be made to the ACT Integrity Commissioner. Contact details for these offices are as follows:

ACT Ombudsman
Phone: 02 6276  011
Or online form at Contact us | ACT Ombudsman

Victims of Crime Commissioner
Phone: 02 6205 2222

ACT Human Rights Commission
Phone: 02 6205 222

ACT Integrity Commission
Phone: 02 6205 9899 

Complaints about the Board’s administrative operations or the behaviour of the Board or member(s) of the Board can be made directly to the Board. It is useful if the nature and details of the complaint are set out in the complaint. A complaint made about the Board will be promptly referred to the Justice and Community Safety Directorate (JACSD) and be managed in accordance with that agency’s complaints policies and processes. JACS may refer the complaint to an independent person. Complaints about the Board can be sent to the Secretariat by email:

Decisions made by the Sentence Administration Board (the Board) may be reviewed by the Supreme Court of the ACT under the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1989. Board decisions are only reviewable under the latter mentioned legislation and are not able to be reviewed as part of the Board’s complaints process.