Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island Flag

The Restorative Justice Unit provides support and guidance to Aboriginal Torres Strait Islanders referred to and involved in restorative justice. The Indigenous Guidance Partner is a dedicated position that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims and those responsible for an offence and their supporters to understand the restorative justice process.  This is to help them decide whether they will participate and also to support compliance with any agreements made as part of participating in the process.

The Indigenous Guidance Partner works alongside the restorative justice convenors. They make the first contact with all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and explain how they help support them through the process.

Where a person responsible has agreed to be part of a restorative justice process, the Indigenous Guidance Partner attends all interviews undertaken by the convenor to determine suitability for participation in restorative justice and prepare the person for the conference. The Indigenous Guidance Partner also attends the conference and provides support and guidance to the person in fulfilling their outcome agreements. This support may be in the form of providing transport to placements or appointments resulting from the restorative justice agreement or by supervising or being present at a placement with a responsible person. Regular contact by the Indigenous Guidance Partner with the person about how they are going and what assistance and support they may require during the post conference period is also provided by the Indigenous Guidance Partner.

You can contact the Indigenous Guidance Partner on 6207 1803.