Victims of crime are central to the ACT justice system, and justice and victim support agencies are committed to enhancing safety, assisting victims of crime and achieving justice for the Canberra community.

Victims must be supported to ensure their interests are acknowledged and promoted at every point in the criminal justice process. This helps to avoid further trauma being caused to people who have experienced crime, and encourages crime to be reported.

Governing Principles for the Treatment of Victims of Crime

In the ACT, the Victims of Crime Act 1994 sets out general principles which state that victims should be respected, kept informed and involved in the criminal justice process.If a victim has a concern about the principles, they can discuss this with the Victims of Crime Commissioner.

Charter of Rights for Victims of Crime

The ACT Government is committed to introducing a Charter that outlines victim rights and ways for victims to raise concerns if they need to.

Thank you to all community members who gave views on how the Charter can best meet the needs and interests of victims of crime during the consultation period.

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Victim Support ACT

Anyone who is a victim of a crime committed in the ACT is eligible for some support or information from Victim Support ACT.

Victim Support ACT provides an integrated service for victims of crime. The service provides support and information, counselling and therapy, and specialised assistance that enable victims to participate effectively in the justice process.

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National Redress Scheme

The ACT has joined the National Redress Scheme to provide support to people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse. For more information, please visit here.

Victims Advisory Board

The Victims of Crime Act 1994 establishes the Victims Advisory Board. Members include justice agency, legal and victim representatives and the Board seeks to promote the interests of and achieve better outcomes for victims of crime.
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