Vision Zero Road Safety

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility as we strive for Vision Zero: that is no deaths or serious injuries on our roads.

When we get behind the wheel we take responsibility for the lives of not just ourselves, but our passengers and other road users – Vision Zero is driving to the speed limit and the conditions.

Every death on our roads is preventable. We cannot accept that death or serious injury is an inevitable consequence of having a road transport system, and it is imperative we take all necessary steps to prevent any further crashes – every life matters.

To achieve Vision Zero, we need to design and maintain a safe road system with appropriate speed limits, while promoting responsible driving behaviours and safer vehicle choices.

A safe transport system requires responsible road user behaviour, but also makes allowance for human error and recognises that there are limits to the forces that humans can withstand in a crash.

The Safe System approach relies on – safe speeds, road safety, safe vehicles, as well as safe people and safe behaviours. 

Our Road Safety Partners

 Partnerships with various road safety bodies and alignment with other jurisdictions ensures that work to improve road safety is much more effective.

The following links are to road safety partners and Australian jurisdictions.

The Australasian College of Road Safety is an association for individuals and organisations working in or interested in supporting road safety. The College is multi-disciplinary in its membership, and values experience as much as academic qualifications in its members.

ACT Road Safety Strategy and Action Plans

The Strategy for 2011-2020 continues this integrated approach, but with a stronger vision element based on Vision Zero, more robust application of national “safe system” principles and stronger measures to address cultural change.

The Strategy and Action Plan are also designed to support ACT implementation of the National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020.  The Strategy adopts and complements the principles of the National Strategy, in particular its vision, targets and focus on the safe system approach. 

Current ACT Strategy and Action Plan:

National Road Safety Strategy:

The National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 was released on 20 May 2011 by the Australian Transport Council.  For further details see the following link here

2020 ACT Road Safety Fund Grants Program

The next round of the ACT Road Safety Fund Grants Program is now open to the community.

The Road Safety Fund grants provide an opportunity for the community to help shape priorities in the ACT for improving road safety.  Funding is available for a range of activities including road safety programs and rehabilitation services, road safety education and public awareness campaigns, research, road safety audits and feasibility studies into road design and construction. 

Applications for this year can be submitted by email to the Justice and Community Safety Directorate at until 5pm on Friday 8 May 2020.

Details on the 2020 ACT Road Safety Fund Grants Program, including all previous grant rounds, can be found here.