Community Engagement

The ACT Government regularly initiates trials and changes to road rules that aim to increase the safety for all road users, and the community is engaged throughout the journey by use of media campaigns and consultation activities.

Evaluations of the recent trials in motorcycle lane filtering and safe cycling reforms have included survey components that demonstrated increases in both cases to the understanding and acceptance of initiatives aimed at improving the safety of vulnerable road users.

Public involvement in the Graduated Licensing Scheme reforms is an example of the influence that community can have on the development of driver safety initiatives.  The first round of public consultation received over 4,300 submissions, and helped shape amendments to the proposal and exemption options.

Members of the community can play a key role in the speed management efforts by nominating a camera site online to address concerns about speeding in their local area. An evaluation of the ACT road safety camera program was released in 2019, and includes analysis of survey responses by community members about their attitudes to speeding and speed enforcement.

The annual Road Safety Report Card measures progress against the Government’s road safety commitments over the previous 12 months and updates how the ACT is tracking in order to achieve Vision Zero.