Road Safety Advisory Board

The Road Safety Advisory Board is a non-statutory body, comprising an ACT Government executive as chair, and appointment of nominees from the two ACT CTP insurers, three road user representatives and two road safety experts. 

The Board was established to provide advice and recommendations to the Minister for Road Safety on the funding and direction of road safety initiatives, road safety research, education, and trauma prevention in accordance with the priorities as outlined in the ACT Road Safety Strategy and associated Action Plans as outlined in the ACT Road Safety Advisory Board Terms of Reference.

The ACT Road Safety Fund

The ACT Road Safety Fund was established in July 2015 to fund projects and initiatives related to road safety research and education and road trauma prevention, in support of the Government’s road safety strategy. 

The Fund is financed by a $2.50 road safety contribution which is levied by the Government on ACT motor vehicle registration.

The Road Safety Advisory Board provides advice and recommendations to the Minister on the distribution of Road Safety Funds, including the allocation of grant funding. The assessment framework and guiding principles are used as the basis for making recommendations to the Minister about the allocation of the Fund to grant applications and other funding proposals.

For further information on the grants program and its assessment process, please read the  Frequently Asked Questions [PDF 128KB] and the Assessment Criteria and Guiding Principles [PDF 342KB].


ACT Road Safety Fund Grants Program

The Road Safety Fund grants provide an opportunity for the community to help shape priorities in the ACT for improving road safety.  Funding is available for a range of activities including road safety programs and rehabilitation services, road safety education and public awareness campaigns, research, road safety audits and feasibility studies into road design and construction. 

Strategic priority areas are:

1)         Improving road safety through greater links with, and promotion of, sustainable transport

2)         Vulnerable road users

3)         Young /novice drivers, riders and road users

4)         Speed management

5)         Impaired driving (drink and drug driving)

Any individual, community or private organisation, university or government entity may apply for funding. The Grant rounds are run annually.

Current and Past ACT Road Safety Fund Grant rounds

Details on all previous grant rounds and upcoming opportunities for grant funding can be found here.