Bicyclists accounted for 9.4% of on-road ACT casualties in 2010, including two fatalities. Research by the ANU Medical School indicates that bicycle-related road trauma is under-reported to police.

Existing ACT engineering programs are used to improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Roads ACT liaises closely with cycling groups in relation to these programs.

Road safety issues for pedestrians and bicyclists also need to be seen in the context of the significant health benefits from encouraging greater physical activity in the community.

A trial of safer cycling reforms commenced on 1 November 2015 – see the Safer Cycling Reforms page more information.


Hints for Cyclists and Drivers:

    Cyclists should:

  • Obey the road rules – bicycle riders have the same obligations as other road users.
  • Keep your bicycle in good order.  Good brakes, tyres and a bell will assist your safety.
  • Wear a helmet – cyclists don’t crash often, but the results can be catastrophic if they do.
  • Wear reflective clothing and use lights when riding at night.

    Drivers should:

  • Remember that cyclists are legitimate road users – please treat all road users with respect and according to the road rules.
  • Watch out for cyclists, and take particular care if turning through a cyclist’s path. 


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