Drivers over 70 years of age do not show up as a particular problem in ACT crash statistics at the present time. In terms of ACT vehicle controllers, there were 638 casualties in 2010. Of these, 36 (5.6%) involved a driver 70 years of age or older.

Although older drivers tend to self-regulate their driving practices, current national crash rates suggest that older drivers may be over-represented in serious injury and fatal crashes per head of population and distance travelled. It has been suggested that older drivers tend to drive less frequently and cover shorter annual distances, however older drivers are also more fragile (prone to injury in a crash) than younger drivers.

In terms of existing programs, the ACT requires medical assessment for all licence classes at age 75, and annually thereafter. Medical assessments may also be required where specific medical conditions are reported.

Resources For Older Drivers:

The ACT has existing awareness programs for older drivers. An “Older Drivers Handbook” is sent out with licence renewals at age 70.

This handbook has been developed in conjunction with the ACT Council of the Ageing (COTA).

To view the ACT Older Driver's Handbook, please click this link:

To view information for older road users provided on the Council on the Ageing Website, please select the following link: